GoTo Travel Plan

*Fall business will be open until November 22.
Reservations for winter camping are scheduled to begin on October 20.

TAKIBI Campground x Travel Hokkaido

GoTo Travel Plan

*The application process will end when the capacity is reached.
【Eligible period】
~Check-out date on January 31, 2021
Up to 35% + 15% regional coupon


Glamping in your own private space

*Please make sure to check the Nappu plan details before making a reservation.

Basic charge (tax included)
44,000 yen (including 2 persons)
22,000 yen for an additional adult
11,000 yen for an additional elementary school student
Preschoolers 0 yen

With GoTo Travel
28,600 yen + 7,000 yen coupon

Add 1 adult 14,300 yen + Coupon 3,000 yen
Elementary school student: 1 additional person 7,150 yen + coupon 2,000 yen
Preschoolers 0 yen


Air conditioning! Container camping where everyone stays together. With bed, air conditioning and heating. (6 person capacity)

*Please make sure to check the Nappu plan details before making a reservation.

Basic charge (tax included)
44,000 yen (including 6 people)

With GoTo Travel
28,600 yen + 7,000 yen coupon

GoTo Travel Booking Form

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees
No contact, 100%.
100% on the day
1 to 2 days ago 50%.
3 to 7 days ago 30%.

If you need to cancel, please send an email to the following address Cancellations must be sent to the following address:

*We reserve the right to cancel the campground's operations at short notice if we deem it unsafe to do so due to weather conditions or other reasons. *No cancellation fee will be charged for the following cases:

-If we decide to close the campsite
-When the JMA announces that the campground is predicted to enter the typhoon storm area.
-On the day of your stay, if the weather warning is issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency.
-If a weather warning is issued prior to the date of use and it is determined that the situation will not improve until the day of use.

[IMPORTANT] Please check before you make a reservation!

To facilitate the enjoyment of small children and those who wish to spend a quiet night in the campground, the campsite restricts conversation after 9pm. Please be quiet after 9pm as talking in the tents and on the site at night can be a nuisance to other campers.

■Lights out at 9pm. Please do not drive in or out of the campsite at night after 9pm unless it is an emergency.

■Check-in is until 5pm, if you would like to check-in after 5pm, please mention it in the "camping questions and requests" section.

■ Prohibitions
ーThe act of burning fallen plants and trees
ーConversations including inside the tent after 9pm
ーNo taking out of the campground (trees, plants, flowers, insects)
ーCampfires with open flames outside of the designated areas
ーUse of fireworks (excluding handheld fireworks)
ーUse of karaoke and musical instruments
ーUse of the generator
ーBringing pets
ーLeaving garbage
ーEntry and exit of vehicles outside of designated hours (except in case of emergency)
ーIdling while parked
ーInvite anyone other than the applicant into the venue without the permission of the manager.
ーSelling or distributing advertising material without the permission of the administrator.
ーActions that violate the provisions of laws and regulations and public order and morals.
ーGenerating loud voices or noises that are extremely disturbing to other users.
ーAny other act designated by the administrator.

You will receive a confirmation email from our official agency, Travel Hokkaido, so please be sure to check your email. Please note that your reservation will be automatically cancelled if the payment is not received by the date specified.