Takibi RV Park

¥ 5,500
/per car
  • Adult :¥2,200/per person
    5-12yo:¥1,100/per person
    Under 4:Free
  • 定員:2〜6名
  • Chech-in 14:00 ~ 19:00
    Chech-out ~ 10:00


【RV Park Usage Period / RV公園使用期間】

  • May 1st to November 29th 

【Camping Set Option / 露營套裝選項】

  • Camping Set Rental: 11,000 yen (Outdoor chair, table, tarp, barbecue grill, charcoal, fire starter, gloves, fire tongs, cassette gas stove, LED lantern, fire pit, 5kg of firewood)
  • Fire Pit Set: 3,500 yen (Fire pit, fire starter, gloves, fire tongs, 5kg of firewood)
  • Center House Kitchenware Rental: Free
  • 露營套裝租賃:11,000日元(戶外椅、桌子、遮陽篷、燒烤爐、木炭、點火劑、手套、火鉗、卡式瓦斯爐、LED燈籠、篝火台、5公斤木柴)
  • 篝火套裝:3,500日元(篝火台、點火劑、手套、火鉗、5公斤木柴)
  • 中心屋廚具租賃:免費

【Terms of Use & Campsite Rules / キャンプ場ルール】

  • For camper van use only
  • Engine must be turned off after 8 PM
  • Trash disposal is free if sorted
  • No entry or exit from the premises after 9 PM
  • No eating or drinking in the shared kitchen
  • Prepaid by card, no refunds in case of cancellation

  • 僅限露營車使用
  • 20時後需停止引擎
  • 垃圾分類後免費處理
  • 21時後禁止進出場地
  • 禁止在共用廚房內飲食
  • 預先信用卡支付,取消時不退款

【Regarding Reservation Completion / 關於預約完成】

  • Send preferred reservation date → Receive availability and pricing response and payment URL → Complete payment by card → Final reservation completion

    發送預約希望日期 → 收到使用可否及費用回覆和支付URL → 進行信用卡支付 → 完成正式預約使用條款及露營地規

Payment is only accepted via credit card in advance. Please make the payment through the credit card payment email that will be sent to you later.

If we determine that the campsite cannot be safely used due to weather conditions or other factors, we may cancel the operation of the campsite at short notice. In the event of a cancellation for the following reasons, a full refund will be issued.
・In the event that we decide to close the campsite
・In the event that the Meteorological Agency forecasts that our campsite will be within the warning area for typhoon winds
・If a weather warning is issued by the Meteorological Agency for the relevant area on the day of your stay
・If a weather warning is issued before the date of use and it is determined that the situation will not improve by the day of use

【Please check before making your reservation. 】
▼Lights out is at 9 PM. Please refrain from loud conversations outdoors or inside vehicles after 9 PM.
▼Check-in is available until 7 PM.
▼It is not permitted to invite anyone other than the registered user into the premises.
▼How to Do Fireworks
Only handheld fireworks are permitted. Ground fireworks, firecrackers, and items that make loud noises are prohibited. Please enjoy fireworks on gravel to avoid burning plants and grass. Handheld fireworks can be enjoyed until 8 PM. A bucket for extinguishing fires is available, so please inquire with the staff.
▼If you bring children, please ensure you accompany them at all times within the premises.
▼ Pets are not allowed.
▼Precautions for Conducting Bonfires
・Direct fires are not allowed, so please use a fire pit. Also, please refrain from creating large flames for campfires.
▼Regarding Troubles within the Campsite
・We do not bear any responsibility for any troubles, including those involving vehicles, that may occur within the campsite.

【Other Prohibited Activities within the Premises】
・Burning fallen leaves and branches
・Taking anything from the campsite (wood, plants, insects)
・Use of karaoke and musical instruments
・Use of generators
・Abandoning trash
・Vehicle entry and exit outside designated times
・Distributing commercial goods or advertisements without the manager's permission
・Acts that violate laws or public decency
・Making loud noises or sounds that significantly inconvenience other users
・Other acts as specified by the manager