Container House White


Container House (White)

This is a camping plan in a comfortable container house. You can enjoy camping easily with wood for firewood, charcoal for barbecue and netting. For those who don’t like to camp in a tent, our container house is a safe place to camp. Camping equipment, power, heating and wi-fi are all included in this empty-handed camping plan. The container is fully heated and has a spectacular view of Mt. Yotei. There is an outdoor area with a tarp and chair tables for you to relax and enjoy. Enjoy the campfire and sleeping bags!

2 to 6 people

Bunk beds and sofa bed (sleeping bag for bedding)

Optional additions

Free Wi-Fi *only available near the cafe bar


Inside the Container House

Bunk beds (bedding is for sleeping bags/4 people) Sofa bed (bedding is for sleeping bags/2 people) Heating system Fan AC power, table, lighting fixtures

Dedicated Outdoor Facilities
dedicated deck
BBQ stove (with charcoal, net, fire grinder)
Outdoor equipment

Shared Facilities
Indoor cooking space (Center House) is available from 3pm to 6pm.
Resting space (= Center House) available from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm / 9:00 am to 10:00 am
Ice making machine
Two toilets with washlets for both men and women
One shower/toilet for women only

Camping Equipment Rental (free of charge)
Outdoor Chairs
Carry wagon
LED Lantern
Oil Lantern
Wood-chopping tools (even children can easily use them)
Cassette gas stove (gas can not included)
Frying pan
rice bin
Hot sandwich maker
coffee cup
Coffee mill
Various plates and utensils
Cooler box
Tongs, spatulas, ladles and other cooking utensils
There are no kitchen knives, knives, or cutting boards available for rental, so please purchase or bring your own.
We have a limited number of rental items. Please forgive us if we are short of them. Please wash the items before returning them.

Parking Space.
One car can be parked next to the site, but the second car must be parked in a separate shared parking lot.
If you wish to park more than 3 cars, please confirm with the staff in advance before you make a reservation.

Camp Food
We can provide a variety of dinner items such as Dutch oven chicken, BBQ set, etc. as an option.
We also offer non-scheduled events such as bushcraft experiences in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter.
For more information, please check the information guide sent to you when you complete your booking.

Items for Sale
Available for purchase at the Center House until 9pm
Additional firewood bundles
Additional charcoal
Gas cans (CB cans)
Additional ignition material
stove lighter
protective gloves
(Ingredients, Seasonings)
Chips for smoking
American Big Marshmallows
Soy sauce
Salt and pepper
salad oil
Wash-free rice
Coffee Bean
(Cookware, etc.)
Cutting board
Designated garbage bags
Rubber gloves
Insect repellent spray
Katori incense sticks (forest incense)
Hand held fireworks
Wet wipes